Accident of Hungarian rescue dogs in France: they are fighting for their money with the insurance company

The leader of the team, Sarolta Leczki, and her partner, Erzsébet Kröpfl, were on their way home from a dog training session in Paris in Erzsébet’s minibus, when suddenly a truck from the oncoming lane broke through the barrier and ran into them. The trouble just started with that, because moments later, another truck driving behind them crashed into them, it was a miracle that the Hungarians and their dogs they were able to get out of the wreck without injury. After the accident, the canine rescuers turned to people of good will: they trusted that the much help they had given earlier would now be reciprocated. And lo and behold, the old saying came true, countless people got together and sent their donations to the team, thanks to which they will soon be able to get back on their feet.

“It’s true that when we bought the minibus that was later totaled, the prices were even lower, now a car with similar equipment is several million more expensive,” said Erzsébet. “Nevertheless, it looks like we will soon be able to replace the car thanks to a lot of help.”

The cause of the accident was a Spanish truck, the driver of which fell ill while driving, and was probably not even alive at the time of the impact. The Saroltás’ damage should be reimbursed to the Spanish insurance company, but for now they are not good at administration, and the Hungarians can’t expect more than half the money even in a lucky case. In any case, they are also happy now that they can continue their work.

A dead trucker ran into the van of the Hungarian rescue dog team

The dogs survived the incident unscathed, although only time will tell how much the accident left a mark on them.

“Their lives were saved by the fact that they were traveling in the box, although several of them had to be cut out by the firemen,” said Sarolta Leczki. – After that, they were in a dog boarding house for two days, where they were placed in kennels, which they are not used to, since they live with us on weekdays. Then, on the way home, we were able to put them back in their boxes, which the firefighters helped to bend back, but this was already a familiar environment for them, it was a positive experience for them again.

The blokes who caused the accident had not been on active duty since the accident, of course, since they are student dogs, this would have been expected anyway.

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