A fast-moving winter storm is expected to affect the northeastern United States

A fast-moving winter storm is expected to hit the northeastern United States Tuesday morning and bring up to 6 inches of snow to New York.

The storm will move to the north later in the same day and generate a layer of snow of over 30 centimeters in Boston, American meteorologists announced, informs Reuters.

In New York, temperatures won’t drop much below freezing, increasing the chance for slushy, heavy snow that’s difficult to remove from streets and sidewalks, said Bob Oravec, a meteorologist at the Weather Forecast Center in College Park. , Maryland, from the United States National Weather Service (NWS).

Those conditions could create “pretty messy” commutes for commuters and knock down trees and power lines, causing power outages, Bob Oravec warned.

In the New England region, the heavy snow that was forecast led the mayor of Boston to declare a state of emergency, canceling classes in all schools in the city and thus sounding the alarm for many residents, who rushed to prepare for the arrival of the storm.

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“We’re almost out of snow shovels,” said Boston store manager Ethan Straub. He said the stock of 100 shovels was down to a dozen by Monday morning. After the information about this winter storm appeared in the meteorological bulletins, the rush of the locals for such products became “crazy”.

80.5 kilometers south of Boston, in the town of Fall River, Tony Cruz plans to work nonstop Tuesday and Wednesday to clear snow from driveways, front steps and sidewalks, armed only with a shovel and a snow blower.

“I work by myself. Just me. I’m ‘Tony the Workman,’ and if we get a ton of snow, I’ll work until I’m done,” said Tony Cruz, adding that he warms up with a down jacket and “a lot, a lot of coffee”.

A winter storm warning is in effect for Long Island, New York City and parts of northeastern New Jersey. Precipitation will begin to fall as rain Monday evening and will gradually change to snow as temperatures drop overnight. The accumulated amount of snow will increase or decrease depending on the temperature changes, Bob Oravec said.

New York’s nearly two-year “snow drought” ended in mid-January 2024, when an arctic storm dumped about an inch of snow in Central Park. Tuesday’s snowfall is expected to exceed that amount, creating conditions conducive to sledding and snowballing, if only for a short time.

A fleet of 1,500 large snow removal trucks are on standby in New York, ready to hit the streets, according to the New York State Department of Transportation.

Strong winds of up to 40 mph (64 km/h) and coastal flooding were also forecast for the New England coast, as well as the Jersey Shore and Long Island.

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