What is the ideal age to send your child to nursery or kindergarten

From sharing toys, to knowing the limits or greeting rules, to negotiations, everything is learned by a child, especially through contacts with those of the same age.

Although the group of friends is important after 7-8 years, children need friends of the same age much earlier.Photo: Shutterstock

Although the group of friends seems to gain importance only after the age of 7-8, children need friends of the same age and with common interests much earlier. “Beyond the parents’ natural fears that exposure to groups of children can lead to the adoption of inappropriate behaviors, through socialization the child learns to respect social rules (to say hello, to wait his turn), to integrate into groups… In addition, he spends time with little ones with whom he shares the same passion for the game. All these activities are not as satisfying for the little one if they take place exclusively between him and the adult”, warns psychologist Diana-Roxana Onuțu. She answers some specific questions that any parent can ask at any given time regarding the best social media solutions.

TotulDespreMame.ro: Why is socialization important for a child?

Psychologist Diana Roxana Onuțu: Play is essential for the cognitive and emotional development of the child. This is because most of the learning in children takes place through imitation. From language to behavior in various social contexts, the child undertakes a multitude of skills by observing and then imitating the adult. More important than interacting with many adults, is that the little one spends time with an adult who focuses his attention on him and observes him, behaving in a diversity of social contexts. If we don’t expose them to socialization, it’s like hoping to keep them in a protective bubble and still develop normally. The child will be helped to adapt better as an adult if he is taught from an early age what is good and what is bad and how to react in different social situations.


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