What is the biggest pension in Romania and who collects it. The lowest is 1,125 lei

The highest pension in Romania is 94,000 lei per month, i.e. 19,000 euros and is collected by a person who worked in the banking field and contributed to the public system.

Pension moneyPhoto: Dreamstime.com

Labor Minister Simona Bucura Oprescu claims that 1,200,000 Romanians live on the minimum pension of 1,125 lei per month. At the opposite pole, the largest pensions exceed 90,000 lei, so over 18,000 euros per month, notes News.ro.

The Minister of Labor was asked in the show Political Insider, broadcast on Saturday on Prima TV, how many Romanians collect the minimum pension of 1,125 lei per month. “1..200,000 Romanians collect the minimum pension at this moment”, replied Simona Bucura Oprescu.

In contrast, the highest pension in Romania reaches 94,000 lei per month, so 19,000 euros.

“It is a contributory pension, of approximately 94,000 lei, but it is a contributory pension, not a service pension. In the first place, there are contributory pensions with very high values. Also over 90,000, also with contributory pensions. They belong to contributors to the state budget from the banking sector. It seems absolutely correct to me, if social contributions were set up, withheld and transferred for this, it seems absolutely correct to me”, explained the Minister of Labor.

The Minister of Labor emphasizes that many Romanians do not understand how important it is to have social contributions paid to the state budget, so not to work “in the dark”.

“Unfortunately, we don’t talk enough about how important it is that social contributions are paid for you during the entire period of activity. Unfortunately, there are many Romanians who do not understand how important it is that your entire activity is declared, regardless of the field in which you work. Having declared the work, you will then also get what you deserve from the Romanian state”, concluded Simona Bucura Oprescu. (photo source Dreamstime)

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