We noticed some strange details in the vacation photo of Réka Rubin and Schobert Norbi

THE Schobert couple recently he rested in Oman, from which they shared several photos on their Instagram pages. In one of the fitness guru’s photo selections, however, there was also a picture that shows strangeness on several points.

In the post below you can see a photo of Schobert and his wife hugging, About Réka Rubintwhose face is practically deformed in the picture, somehow Schobert Norbi also the arm with which he holds his waist.

The image errors were most likely caused by the fact that the photo was taken in panorama mode, or a later editing could have caused the oddities. We also show the mentioned details in more detail:

In December Prince William’s a strange thing also appeared in his Christmas photo, but in their case, according to their followers, the post-production might have gone wrong in the picture.

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