VIDEO Ciolacu, asked why the talks in the coalition were blocked: When you walked on the street, did anyone ask you about the merger? / I don’t offend Ciucă, so I won’t ask him for the PNL to give up the candidate

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu claimed, on Tuesday, that the talks in the coalition were not blocked and that several decisions were taken at the last meeting, but that no consensus was reached regarding the merging of the elections, which “may be more to confuse rather than help”.

Marcel Ciolacu and Nicolae CiucăPhoto: AGERPRES

Asked by journalists why Monday’s talks in the coalition were blocked, Ciolacu claimed that decisions were made on legislative emergencies.

  • “When you walked down the street, did someone ask you about your marriage? No one asked me,” said the prime minister.

Asked where the PNL and PSD did not understand regarding the merger of the elections, the PSD leader answered: “The specifics of each one and we do not have all the information how these elections will take place, taking into account that they overlap. Lest we confuse (…) spoil things”.

Ciolacu also said that the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) is doing a legislative analysis during this period.

“I don’t offend Ciucă, so I won’t ask him for the PNL to give up the presidential candidate”

Asked if there was any discussion about giving up the Capital City Hall, so that the PNL would support the PSD candidate in the presidential elections, Ciolacu answered: “No one conditioned anything (…) I don’t offend Nicolae Ciucă, so I won’t never ask that the PNL give up a candidate, in favor of the PSD, and Nicolae Ciucă would not ask me to do this either, because it would offend me”.

The PSD and PNL leaders did not reach a consensus on Monday regarding the establishment of the calendar for the 2024 electoral elections. At the negotiating table, the PSD requests an agreement and a decision on all four types of elections and the division of all candidates in the Coalition. The bone of contention blocking the talks is actually the candidacy for the presidential election.

PSD wants Marcel Ciolacu as the candidate of the Coalition in the December presidential elections, while the liberals want Nicolae Ciucă. In this context, there are very high chances that the local elections will not be combined with the European parliamentary elections and that all the polls will take place on time. A new meeting of the Coalition would take place on Friday, February 16.

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