“This is a psychological limit” – Antónia Erős revealed how much money she is willing to pay for a piece of clothing

Running on YouTube Clothes story was seen in the show Strong Antonia, which was viewed by story.hu. In this, the news reporter talked about how much money he is willing to pay for a piece of clothing.

I don’t buy hundreds of thousands of clothes. This is a psychological limit. There was a dress that I really liked, the original price was around HUF 150,000, and in the outlet they reduced the price to a third. I said there that I would pay HUF fifty thousand for a designer dress, but I wouldn’t pay that much for an average sweater that I can buy in any fast fashion store.

Erős admits that he has to raise his teenage children according to such principles, although he and his daughter Szonja sometimes have arguments about this matter: “I have 14-year-old children, so it’s not always easy, especially with my daughter. But I tell him that he shouldn’t pile up clothes, because when we empty the closet, half the wardrobe goes out, and there are some that go out that he wasn’t even wearing.”

The news reporter made a decision during covid when she didn’t buy clothes for a year.

There was a point where I said enough of this and didn’t buy anything for myself for a year. And nothing bad happened. On the one hand, I did not suffer from this, and on the other hand, I saved a lot. It went really well. Anyway, a month or two later, stars started posting about similar vows. It makes me scream when someone orders a t-shirt from America. Even if you pay the price. This is not the point, but the principle.

A few weeks ago, he was driving in stained clothes News station broadcasting:

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