“The staff must always be ready for internal conditions to upset the whole day’s plan”, this is how the Éden Hotel was designed

Robot camera – operators, 1:0

Egg Gábor he told us in Mexico that RTL was present with a staff of approximately sixty people this time, which is considered usual for international programs.

“THE Real worldunlike – which we can call the basis of reality moving together – here there is no camera cross, so we work only and exclusively with robot cameras, we don’t have big studio cameras behind detective glass that take the players. We don’t need to hire cameramen for this, which is why we can be here with a slightly smaller staff. But all the departments required for television filming are represented, only with much fewer people.

The golden rule is that when we come to work abroad, everyone must hold the end of the mortar spoon, even if the mortar spoon is not theirs

– says the producer, adding: the six cameramen only work on external locations, when the actors are participating in, for example, a match selection ceremony or a date/game held outside the villa.

The Hungarian crew is assisted by around twenty locals, including drivers, caterers, local runners and production staff. Moreover, it is not the first time that the Mexican workforce is involved in the production of the format, as the Swedes, Danes and Norwegians have been filming the show here for years. Thanks to this, the domestic team was in the fortunate position of having already taken over a built-up, tested and well-established location from the Scandinavians, and they use almost one hundred percent of the same technology as the crews of the three countries that filmed here before them.

“The technique had to be adapted a little to Hungarian needs, because the Hungarian television visual culture is different from that of the Scandinavian countries. In these programs, we really like to capture those close-up images that can show either positive or negative emotions for our viewers. This is not so important for the Scandinavians, they prefer to think in terms of static image implementation, and we like the dynamics in this as well, so we had to acquire some extra technical tools for this.”

Could it happen that all the recordings are lost?

While the characters of the reality show spend their days in the villa by the ocean, they are watched 24/7 from a room nearby, the so-called content viewer, which is special because it is located in a disused church building. The producers, the director, the sound engineer and the script writers, among others, do their work in this room, who record all the important moments that happen to the players. Since the show is not produced in real time – unlike the I’m a celebrity, get out of here!where a summary had to be prepared daily and there were also live connections – the work does not take place at such a strict pace either, everything does not have to be completed on time, we are more tolerant of slippages, says Gábor Pető.

When we don’t have to work live, we still know that we have to produce a commercial one-hour show every day. Only approximately: the Scandinavian countries make twenty-eight minutes in the same time, we forty-eight minutes minimum. This also gives the rhythm of the work and the increased pace that is necessary for the production of live shows. The basic difference is that here we produce an entire episode a day on paper, while in live we have to produce it in real life.

It is interesting that post-production is done at home, in Hungary, after the shooting. To ensure that everything is in order, the materials are backed up with fourfold insurance, so that nothing can be accidentally lost.

“There is a central server on site that makes two copies, the two copies make two more copies each. We take these two copies home on different routes, so we personally take the raw material with us when the crew travels by plane. We send a shipment by parcel service when we are done, and the entire filmed material remains on the server in Mexico as well – until we from Hungary say that we have included everything in the post-production, we are done. Well, that’s when they start deleting it,” says Pető.

“I have problems with names and faces”

The first ten immigrants traveled to Mexico together, the others continue to arrive one by one. These actors fly out two or three days early (as we learned, until our visit, only one actor delayed one of his connections, but he eventually got there successfully) to give them time to adjust to the time difference, shoot their cameos, and prepare them for the shoot. In addition, it also depends on the events in the villa when the new resident moves in.

The players thus cannot really calculate in advance when they will get a new roommate or when a partner will be chosen.

These events do not have a fixed time, they are always adapted to the current events by the creators of the show. When someone’s game is over, the crew changes their pre-purchased ticket, so that the eliminated person can go home after a day or two.

About the players David Millerthe host of the show told our newspaper that he received the data sheets of the actors weeks before the start, and started memorizing the names so that he could connect them to faces.

I’m someone who has problems with names and faces – especially names.

“It’s a very interesting job, I’ve never had anything like it before. It’s amazing to me that the crew has to be ready at any minute for internal conditions to upset the whole day’s plan, even an hour or two before the planned recording with me. Because these people are inside the hotel, they live their lives, they form their lines and their relationships, and this shapes the game,” says Miller, who says that creating reality is a multi-person job.

In the beginning, it put a lot of pressure on me that the work of so many people, the editors, the editors-in-chief, the cameramen and the sound engineers – everyone’s work is concentrated there when I have to go in. There has to be something from that situation.

Dávid Miller also talked about the fact that he really likes the actors of the reality show – he has his favorites, as he also led before X Factoralso in According to him, this job couldn’t be done any other way: “If I couldn’t fit into certain situations and just pretend that I care about who you think is nice and who you don’t, that would be weird.”

At the Eden Hotel, things change from one moment to the next. Sometimes my phone rings to tell me to go immediately, because I have to go in and talk, they are looking for me from the hotel. All this requires a state of readiness. But I really enjoy it.

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