The son of Feró Nagy told how their relationship with his father has been since he left Beatrice

The news came at the beginning of the year that Great Fero son, Attila the Great Hunorthe drummer of Beatrice Kékköi Zalán leaves the band together with the guitarist. The younger Nagy left after 13 years, by his own decision, “consciously, with friendship and respect”.

Feró Nagy later said that he had guessed that this would happen 1-2 months earlier.

My son wanted a change, and in that sense he flew out of the family nest. I was waiting for him for the moment when he no longer wanted to work under his father’s wings. (…) I am not saying that my soul is not damaged in this, but I am also proud of it

– said the singer at the time.

Attila Nagy Hunor said a month ago that he would like to step out of his father’s shadow. Now Metropol approached him to ask him if their relationship with Nagy Fero had changed since then.

It’s exactly the same as when we worked together. We live very close to each other, we see each other almost every day. Everything is old, and as it usually happens in a musical family, Beatrice is a common theme. From time to time, he also asks me how I am doing with the band search

– said the drummer, adding that he has not joined a new band yet, he spent the last few weeks with his family. He wrote down his plans and dreams. “I can tell you so much, one of them is that this year I would like to do a lot of concerts. I strongly trust in God that he will show me the way to the realization of my plans,” Hunor Nagy revealed.

This is how the frontman thought about the future of Beatrice in January:

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