The lamest burglar of the year – video

In California, it was possible to record the burglary of one of the world’s, if not the lamest, criminals – who, of course, failed miserably.

A 36-year-old man broke into a house on South Palm Drive in Beverly Hills last month, where he was caught on a security camera and the home’s security system alerted the police, reports ABC7.

This in itself would be considered an amateur mistake, but David Verdun he could have increased this even more: the painful sight of how the man almost falls out of the window while trying to leave the house, and when he props the escape ladder against a wall, it slips on the edge of the house’s pool, and the burglar, along with the ladder, splashes into the in water. After the man got out of the water, he tried to hide in the yard – needless to say, unsuccessfully, so the police took him into custody.

However, Verdun is not alone in the competition for the title of the lamest burglar in the world, in previous years we have already presented some talented candidates:

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