The hi-tech version of the sex doll brothel is a paradise for shy and discreet guests

The sexual revolution did not stop even after 1968, and since then it seems to be galloping ahead unstoppably and taking turns that we may not even be able to imagine – but at least the machines do that for us. The latest sensation is the virtual brothel called Cybrothel, which opened in Berlin, where, at the border of digital and physical reality, dolls are no longer absolutely necessary for those who enter to buy physical satisfaction at a hefty price.

The only person who can judge you is yourself

According to a previous research, four out of ten people would try out what it’s like in bed with a lifelike robot / sex doll, and if someone’s curiosity didn’t drive them to the point of investing in their own toy, the brothels created for this purpose have already welcomed visitors with open doors – more also in Budapest. We are no longer surprised that in South Korea entire pop bands and news anchors are run by artificial intelligence, nor is it new information that with the help of virtual reality you can participate in an orgy without even leaving your couch, but until now this has been available at an affordable price. not combined with lifelike sex dolls.

The VR brothel was opened in Berlin by a team of “sex-positive artists” who, according to their website’s description, want to create a safe and shame-free environment for their guests. According to their claim, Cybrothel is “more than a sex doll brothel” – here in a “sophisticated, discreet environment” they promise an experience “that cannot be compared”.

And what is acceptable and what is not? The prices can range from the cheapest category of 85 euros (approximately HUF 35,000) to up to a thousand euros, depending on whether the customer is alone or with a partner, without a sex doll, but with other toys and 4D porn, with one doll, two, or even with a doll and you want to spend time with porn at the same time, and it doesn’t matter exactly how much time.

When you’re here, the only person who can judge you is yourself. We have a lot of guests who have never been in contact with sex work, but really want to try it and are looking for a safe place. If you have a compulsion to comply, this will not affect you at Cybrothel, as you will be dealing with sex toys, not people

– quotes the co-founder of the company, Matthias Smetana the New York Post.

Condoms, disinfection, discretion

While the use of condoms is mandatory in the sex doll brothel in Budapest, it is optional for guests visiting Cybrothel – indeed, rubber condoms are available in all their rooms. After the visits, the sex dolls are cleaned with water and pH-neutral soap and disinfected with hydrogen peroxide. In the name of discretion, registration and payment are done online, so you don’t have to meet a single live person when using the service, and 5 minutes before the end of the visiting time, a sound indicates that you have to leave the room soon.

The optional packages offer offline sex toys that do not record any images or sound during the visit. You can also request a service where the sex dolls make sounds and can even talk with the help of an operator, but according to the website’s description, these are real-time interactions that are not recorded or stored on any device. The operators are “empathetic” and “sex-positive”, contributing from a control room to ensure that the customers have the most lifelike experience possible. However, the toys in Cybrothel are not robots, they are made of silicone, so they use audio and visual functions to create the effect of being robots – but they are already working on developments that involve robotics. The brothel has faced criticism that its dolls are too stereotypical in appearance, objectifying real women – concerns Philip Fussenegger co-owner admitted, and their plans include that in the future they will also have figurines depicting mermaids and aliens, as well as tools depicting men are already available for female and homosexual customers.

Will this be the sex industry of the future?

At least according to Matthias Smetana, who believes that a significant change will come in the next 10-15 years: “I think that currently the sex industry is moving more in the direction of VR. You can have sex in the digital and physical world at the same time,” says the co-founder. He bases all of this on the fact that the erotic industry has shown a downward trend in Germany in recent years, the number of registered sex workers has decreased by 30 percent compared to the numbers before the epidemic. In addition, they see their dolls as more than just physical tools: the dolls also have a personality thanks to artificial intelligence, which enables them to communicate with customers in an intimate and personalized way, without the pressure of a real meeting.

In contrast, the owner of an Australian brothel, Emma Bennett told the New York Post:

What our customers want is human touch and connection. After all, there’s only one type of sexual interaction, and that’s real!

According to him, artificial intelligence is here or there, the human touch cannot be replaced (which is also agreed by the porn actress, who sees the spark and spontaneity of the personality as the last but strongest hope of the sex industry operating with human labor).

The sexologist also living in Australia, Alice Child acknowledges that virtual experiences can indeed offer a space where people can explore their sexuality in a safe environment, but warns that these types of interactions will replace real human connections and fears that those who are afraid of intimacy , it can only further isolate you from real experiences.

According to BNN, despite the innovation, Cybrothel is not without controversy. The concept of sex doll brothels has met with resistance around the world, with feminists in Paris and Sweden voicing their disapproval, while amid the controversy, Cybrothel continues to attract customers interested in the anxiety-free environment.

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