The escort keeps his Valentine’s Day free for his clients

On St. Valentine’s Day, declared Valentine’s Day, we offer an opportunity to gift our loved ones with special attention: there are those who were helped by luck, and thanks to a scratch card, their wife became a millionaire, while others did not forget that before February 14 the Sun also rose a few times, so he bought a gift for as many dollars less as the number of times his partner screamed at him in the previous year (in the end he had to deduct $320). And if someone is just getting over a bad breakup, they can name a cockroach after their ex, while Blair Hunter he comes to the aid of those who, even though they are single, still feel that they are celebrating love.

The semi-retired escort continues to spend Valentine’s Day at work, according to the Daily Star, and keeps himself free for his regulars. He says January is usually considered cucumber season, but Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year, and that’s when his services are most needed. He believes that some of his clients want to play a real relationship with him, while there are those who just want to relax – and he mostly likes to stay himself in these situations, that is, “warm and loving”. Usually her regulars book her the whole night or take her out to dinner, but they often send her gifts, which she returns. According to him, many people especially desire company on this day, and he tries to smuggle love into the lives of these people.

Blaire Hunter also talked about the most extreme cases of her career, including when she thought a client was having a heart attack (when she wasn’t). She claims that she formed a very deep bond with some of the men who were with her, and these intimate moments are what she remembers the most.

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