Suicide in the Piața Unirii metro station: a man threw himself in front of the train

A 60-year-old man died after jumping onto the tracks at Piața Unirii metro station and being trapped under the train, according to Metrorex. Trains run on a shuttle system at this time.

The Bucharest metroPhoto: Adrian Ilincescu/

Metrorex informs that today, 12.02.2024, at around 11:39, a suicide attempt took place in the Piața Unirii 2 metro station, in the direction of Pipera.

According to the ISU, it is about a 60-year-old man who threw himself onto the tracks, being caught under the train. He died, according to the quoted source.

Circulation works in the pendulum system as follows:

  • Heroes of the Revolution – Berceni – Line 1 / Heroes of the Revolution – University – Line 2
  • University – Pipera – Line 1
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