Salvamont intervention: Two people, not properly equipped, ventured on a difficult route, closed during the winter

The rescuers from Prahova announced on Sunday evening that they had nine interventions this weekend, one of them for the recovery of two people. Not properly equipped, they ventured on a difficult route, closed in winter.

Salvamont interventionPhoto: Rechitan Sorin |

“Nine interventions this weekend on the ski slopes of Azuga and Buşteni and an action to recover two people from the upper part of the Caraiman Valley”, announced Sunday evening, Salvamont Prahova, quoted by

The quoted source states that the two tourists were not properly equipped for a mountain road.

“Equipped as if for a walk through the city park, they dared to cover a difficult route, closed in the winter season. They were very lucky to have managed to reach the end, physically exhausted and suffering from hypothermia and hypothermia. We transported them to the Baba Mare Rescue Base, where they will receive the necessary care,” the mountain rescuers said.

During Monday, tourists will be dropped off in Buşteni.


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