“Russia is about to take the upper hand” in the Ukraine war. Norway’s military espionage warning

Russia is about to prevail in the war in Ukraine thanks to a larger reserve of troops, its military-industrial capacity to produce large quantities of weapons and ammunition and the support offered by countries such as North Korea or China, he warned on Monday the head of Norway’s military intelligence service, according to AFP.

Russian soldiers from UkrainePhoto: Alexey Maishev / Sputnik / Profimedia

At the presentation of the annual risk assessment report for this service, its director, Nils Andreas Stensones, said that Ukraine will need “substantial” Western military aid to hope to turn the tide of the conflict in its favor.

“Russia is currently in a stronger situation than a year ago”

  • “In this war, Russia is currently in a stronger position than a year ago and is about to take the advantage,” said the head of Norwegian military intelligence.

He argued that Russia can mobilize three times as many troops as Ukraine, that it is adapting to sanctions better than the West expected, and that Russian industry is now capable of producing enough munitions, combat vehicles, drones and missiles to enable Russian forces “maintaining their war effort all year”.

Moreover, Russia benefits from the military support of North Korea, Iran, Belarus and China. The latter does not supply Moscow with weapons, but “vehicles, electronics and spare parts” useful for the Russian military industry, explained the head of the Norwegian military intelligence service.

“Substantial Western aid with weaponry will be needed so that Ukrainian forces can defend themselves and regain the initiative in the conflict,” concluded the head of Norway’s military intelligence service, also recalling the Ukrainian army’s need for ammunition, weapons with long range, anti-aircraft systems, tanks and fighter planes, writes Agerpres, citing AFP.

Norway is, along with Denmark and the Netherlands, among the European countries that have committed to providing Ukraine with F-16 multi-role aircraft, a device insisted on by Kiev.

“Norway and Europe must be prepared to take on more responsibilities to ensure their own security and that of their allies,” responded Norwegian Defense Minister Bjorn Arild Gram.

Washington has been the main supporter of Ukraine, which it has offered since the beginning of the Russian invasion in February 2022 financial and military aid totaling about 113 billion dollars, but an additional package of more than 60 billion dollars requested by the Democratic President Joe Biden is blocked in Congress by former President Donald Trump’s Republicans, which increases the burden on the EU in supporting Ukraine.

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