On the resignation of Balázs Novák Sebestyén: This would have been a long death row if he had not stepped in

Novak Catherine his resignation was a topic of Balázsek also in the Monday broadcast of the radio show Sebestyen Balázs he argued that he still has a sense of loss about the case: he would primarily expect answers.

We don’t have the answers, everyone still owes us how. Because it’s okay for him to resign, he’ll take the trouble, Novák too, Varga too, okay – but the fact that we still don’t know the reason, that’s not good

he said, adding:

There was no other solution here, it would have been a long death row if he didn’t take it. Professional damage repair, politically, the machine works professionally. He resigned, ok, the trouble is over, we pulled out the root…

Ráskó Ester he added that he does not feel that the case has been quieted, and he also raised the question of what Novák’s career will be after that.

locksmith Mark was also interested in the topic on Monday:

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