Mircea Geoană, about a candidacy for the presidency: They came to my office to propose that I run as an independent candidate supported by the PSD

The Deputy Secretary General of NATO, Mircea Geoană, said on Monday evening that PSD leaders, including Marcel Ciolacu, went to him “in the office” to propose that he run independently for the Presidency of Romania supported by the PSD.

Mircea GeoanaPhoto: Petras Malukas / AFP / Profimedia Images

  • “Something is happening with them and obviously I am also hearing and watching the statements. There is a certain nervousness, the beginning of irritation. It’s a Romanian saying why you’re afraid you don’t escape. And speaking of who is calling whom. I had discussions with them, they came to my office, to propose that I run as an independent candidate supported by the PSD, for a very simple calculation, because the PSD votes in the presidential elections, where four million more than the usual ones come, do not s enough to win the presidency of Romania”, declared Mircea Geoană at Digi24.

He also said that his decision will be announced when the time comes.

  • “We see, there is a political option, in private, non-governmental life. After such a job, I have no shortage of offers, but I also think about my interest and that of my family, I also think about the interest of the country, I am concerned about what is happening in Romania, I have served the country all my life and if there will be a chance so I will do it directly or indirectly”, Mircea Geoană also declared, emphasizing that he has “an important job to finish at NATO and is determined to carry out his mission in very good conditions, as before”.

“If there’s one thing I wish for, I’d like for once in 30 years not to vote for the lesser evil,” and “between a party candidate and a people’s candidate, one of the people will always win.” Geoana also said.

We remind you that PSD first vice-president Sorin Grindeanu said at the end of January that if Mircea Geoană would like to have the formation’s support for a candidacy for the position of president of Romania “first of all, he must have a discussion with us, to return to the party”, and “together let’s make the best decision for the left to give the future president of Romania”.

An INSCOP survey published on February 5th showed that NATO Deputy General Secretary Mircea Geoană and Cluj Mayor Emil Boc have over 30% trust among Romanians.

Geoană is the first choice of Romanians in the presidential election, as an independent candidate, with 26.5%, followed by Marcel Ciolacu – 18.9% and Diana Şoşoacă – 14%, George Simion and Nicolae Ciucă, according to a survey published by INSCOP on January 31st.

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