Until the spectacular and viral giant drawing with David Popovici, they transformed many of the gray and ugly walls of Bucharest into works of street art, worthy of any big city in the world. They have revolutionized urban art with large-scale murals, works that bring color, wonder and joy to those who look up from their phones when walking down the street.

Sweet Damage Crew, the team of street art artists, who made the huge drawing with David Popovici from Stefan cel MarePhoto: Sweet Damage Crew collage

David Popovici depicted on 300 square meters is the latest mural created by the Sweet Damage Crew, a work that dominates a block on Ștefan cel Mare Boulevard.

The authors are the artists of the Sweet Damage Crew, one of the largest and most talented teams of street art artists in Romania.

Among their works are the murals at Grădina cu Filme, Point, the Grigore Alexandrescu Hospital, the Berceni Wall or the trams painted with the faces of personalities such as: Salvador Dali, Regina Maria, Ion Luca Caragiale, Toma Caragiu.

For the project on Ștefan cel Mare, Hagi, Nadia Comăneci and Ivan Patzaichin were also on the list.

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