He has 180 children, yet he can’t find love

The 52-year-old sperm donor is also called Britain’s “most fertile dad”Single Joe”, who, despite helping around 180 women and families, cannot find love, writes the Mirror.

The man, whose real name is as obscure as his nationality, is not very successful in his private life.

You’d think I’m in the saddle a lot as a natural donor. But I’ve always thought that if you want a lot of sexy time, get a girlfriend or get married, because I usually meet women once or twice a month

– the paper quotes Joe, who says that his success as a sperm donor ironically has a negative effect on his love life. And not just because it’s hard for him to find a woman who can live with his lifestyle.

I spend a lot of time helping women calculate the best time for us to meet, the ovulation time can sometimes change, I always have to be ready to help. This impairs my suitability for a romance beyond sperm donation.

Just as he misses intimate togetherness, because such acts are part of his job:

No wine, no dinner, no flowers or chocolates. There is no kissing, sometimes the nipple does not even come up, because women often leave their tops on. Sometimes I just want a kiss or a hug and nothing else.

Despite the loneliness – Father’s Day is also a disappointment for him – he says it’s all worth it, because he helps others become happy. However, as the 60 Minutes Australia report highlights, the man’s motives are also questionable and pose a public health risk.

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