Gică Hagi revealed where Farul went wrong in the defeat against Dinamo

Farul Constanța is far from the team that won the title in the previous season in the Romanian SuperLiga. The formation prepared by Gică Hagi was defeated by Dinamo (2-0) at home and is trembling for a place in the play-off.

George HagiPhoto: Razvan Pasarica / Sport News / Profimedia

Farul Constanța has emotions for a place in the play-offs

Dinamo produced the surprise of the stage in the Romanian SuperLiga and prevailed on the field of the titular champion with a score of 2-0.

In last place in the ranking, Dinamo surprised its opponent, and at the end of the game, Hagi explained where his students went wrong.

“There is a lot to say in the heat of the moment. Let’s take the first half, One phase, goal. It was an easy phase. I told the players that Dinamo is dangerous in fixed phases, that they are aggressive. In the first half we didn’t understand what we were playing. You have to have speed of thought, of movement. The last is the technique.

We were slow, predictable. We didn’t play well as a team either. I will definitely see what needs to be done. We can’t go in that direction. It’s a tough night, but we’re moving forward. We still have matches and we have to prove that we are good. Matches are won by a team. Things have to be done by everyone, together.” – were the conclusions drawn by Gică Hagi, accordingly Digi Sports.

Moreover, Hagi also conveyed who was the only player in his team that he noticed and congratulated.

“Only one player has satisfied me, for 37 years. I congratulated him (no, Ionuț Larie), he really thanked me. Everything he did he did very well. He gave speed, passed, recovered, The rest remained debts.”

Super League standings

1. FCSB 54 points

2. Rapid Bucharest 45

3. CFR Cluj 42

4. University of Craiova 38

5. Constanța Lighthouse 37

6. FC Hermannstadt 34

7. Sepsi Sf. Gheorghe 33

8. Cluj University 33

9. Petrolul Ploiesti 32

10. Galati Steel 31

11. UTA Arad 31

12. U Craiova 1948 30

13. FC Voluntari 27

14. Poli Iasi 27

15. FC Botoșani 19

16. Dinamo Bucharest 19.

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