Gábor Zacher revealed whether he had ever tried any drugs

Running on YouTube Show yourself! was a guest of the show Zacher Gáborwhere András Agai Kis asked the specialist whether he had tried any mind-altering substances apart from alcohol during his 64 years. Zacher claims he never tried anything.

I’m 64 years old: when I graduated in 1978 and wanted to smoke a marijuana cigarette, where would I have gone? I don’t have a pale purple vapor. Today: we finish here, a text message is enough, the car with tinted glass stops on Bakáts tér, window down, money in, package out, window up, drive away – the world was completely different.

Zacher says he was never willing to use such drugs.

“It’s interesting that when I had my hernia surgery as a teenager, I was given fentanyl and it was bloody good. Very. One realizes that this is really very good, but this is its danger: you have to dig very deep. Is fentanyl that difficult to get in an emergency room? No. The patient is not harmed, the rest can certainly be good… I have the feeling that it was a damn good experience, but one can slip into addiction. I wasn’t attracted. I like to do what I want: when it comes to psychoactive drugs, it doesn’t matter if it’s alcohol or drugs. They do one thing: they change you. So that you cannot have a say in the process of change. And then I’m no longer doing what I want.”

He also mentions that he would have had the opportunity to do something like this during the regime change, but he had no desire for illegal drugs in his thirties either.

In the first part of the interview, he also talked about completely different topics:

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