Sunday’s Star boxin Coat Peti lost consciousness after Jenő Rácz knocked him out. Curtis he watched the events from ringside and without thinking ran to his best friend after the KO to calm Kabat down. The rapper spoke to Blikk about what happened.

I don’t wish this feeling on anyone. This is what I wished for: I wish I had been there instead of Peti. I know that this whole environment is far from Peti. A few months ago, when he was asked, he got involved in this matter and really went through the preparation conscientiously, even despite his injury. And he stood still until the blow. I felt very sorry for my friend

– said Curtis, who said it was terrible to watch his best friend get knocked out from a few meters away. “But the other half is it’s a boxing match and that’s in it. Thank God there were no major problems. But it was a really hard blow,” he added.

By the time he got to the ring, he said, his friend was feeling a little better as the medical team immediately arrived to stabilize him. He also revealed that he would definitely visit Kabat on Monday afternoon.

One thing is clear after what happened. It’s not just a show, it’s a hard-hitting boxing match where people’s bodies are put under stress like they’ve never been before. This is not a game, this is dangerous. It was no accident that there were preliminary medical examinations and preparation

– said Curtis, who fought the previous week Star boxin, him Fecsó of Szeged defeated him.