Alex Velea, about the murder at the hotel in Padina: “I had nothing to do with the unfortunate incident”

The singer Alex Velea posted a story on Instagram on Sunday evening, in which he says that he had nothing to do with the incident at the hotel in Padina, Dâmboviţa county, where a man was fatally stabbed.

The singer Alex VeleaPhoto: Agerpres

Alex Velea specifies that, at the time when the incident occurred, he was in the hotel room.

“Hi all. I am trying to recover from the state of shock following the tragedy that happened last night at an event in which I also participated with Antonia. Regarding the information that appeared in the press, I want to inform you that I had nothing to do with the unfortunate incident. I just socialized with everyone, as I usually do through the lens of the job. When the tragedy happened, I was in my hotel room, but I found out later and I was shocked. I hate violence and altercations of any kind. I can’t believe that an evening in which everyone felt good ended like this”, said Alex Velea on Instagram, according to the Agerpres agency.

A 41-year-old man from Târgovişte was fatally stabbed Saturday night into Sunday at the Belmont Hotel from the Padina mountain tourist area.

The police announced that there are three suspects, three men from Bucharest aged between 19 and 32, who were questioned and detained for 24 hours. According to some judicial sources, some of the people present at the hotel where the incident took place were also questioned.

The scandal broke out amid a spontaneous conflict at a party in a building attached to the hotel. On Saturday, a concert took place at the hotel, where Alex Velea, Antonia and Alina Eremia were present. The incident in which the man was fatally stabbed took place after the concert.

Sources from the investigation cited by several media outlets stated that Alex Velea and Alina Eremia were interviewed by the police as witnesses.

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