About Paprika Dorina’s weight loss: I get a lot of compliments, but I still don’t see myself the way others do from the outside

Paprika Dorina in the past few days, she reported on her Instagram page that she started a strict lifestyle change in March of last year, after it was revealed that she was also struggling with polycystic ovary syndrome and insulin resistance. With the help of a specialist, he embarked on the change: he managed to get rid of 42 kilos with his precise meals, carefully measured food portions and two cardio workouts a week.

Gáspár Győző her goddaughter has now told Blikk that during a cancer screening, her doctor noticed that she had several cysts, so she requested further tests. As a result, his illnesses came to light, of which he noticed other symptoms in addition to weight gain: he had problems with his skin, and after his meals he always had a craving for sweets.

As he said, although he has lost more than 40 kilos, he is still not completely satisfied with himself.

I still want to lose 6-8 kilos. Although I get a lot of compliments, I still don’t see myself the way others see me on the outside. I may have a bit of a body image problem, but I hope by the time I reach my ultimate goal, that will change as well. I know for sure that I keep my diet even at Christmas and I am not tempted by bagels either

he declared.

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