A Ukrainian accused of espionage died in a Russian prison

A 71-year-old Ukrainian died in Russia in December while awaiting trial for espionage and other crimes, the Russian human rights organization Memorial announced on Sunday, citing court documents, writes News.ro quoting Reuters.

Prison in RussiaPhoto: Aleksey Malgavko / WillWest News / Profimedia

Several Ukrainian citizens have been accused of espionage in Russia since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine almost two years ago.

Memorial said there was little information about Viktor Demchenko, who is believed to have died in a pre-trial detention center in Rostov region (south).

His case was presented to a military court in the city of Rostov-on-Don in August.

The Russian news agency TASS said that, following the defendant’s death, the court closed the case against Demcenko, who was also accused of participating in a “terrorist group” and illegal possession of weapons and ammunition.

TASS quoted law enforcement officials as saying that he died on December 31, due to the effects of a previous stroke.

It is not clear why the information about Demcenko’s death appeared with a delay of several weeks, notes Reuters.


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