Works on lot 3 between Ploiești and Buzău of the A7 were delayed by a year and a half by CNSC

The Minister of Transport, Sorin Grindeanu, stated, on Monday, that the works on lot 3 between Ploiesti and Buzău of the A7 highway were delayed by a year and a half, the National Council for the Resolution of Appeals (CNSC) reaching the same solution as the National Administration Company of Road Infrastructure (CNAIR).

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Works on lot 3 between Ploiești and Buzău of the A7 were delayed by a year and a half by CNSC

We, a year and a half ago, at CNAIR, gave exactly the solution that was given after a year and a half. So a year and a half was lost with these gentlemen from CNSC. (…) After a year and a half, they ended up giving the same solution that we gave in the spring, summer of 2022. Who is responsible for this year and a half late? Because, if he had respected what we gave, then today, when we speak, we were talking about 50% of the achieved stage on that section as well and the end of the year would have caught us with that section completed. And probably from Focsani to Bucharest you would have gone only on the highway. These gentlemen from the CNSC answer?”, said, in Focşani, Sorin Grindeanu.

The Minister of Transport expressed his hope that the construction company that won the works will advance the completion deadlines for this section.

It was won in the end, it was signed, work is starting as I said, on March 1, on this section. It’s not a difficult section. I expect them to stick to the deadlines, even to advance these deadlines. I’m sorry, I tell you honestly, that this year and a half was wasted with decisions that clashed. (…) But the gentlemen from the CNSC are not interested in these things, they are above everything, they do not answer“, claimed Grindeanu.

Sorin Grindeanu arrived, on Monday, in Focşani, to check the status of the works on the road infrastructure objective of the A7 Highway, from Buzău to Focşani. During the day, the minister also checked the works for the section from Ploiesti to Buzau.

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