With the new conditions, the baby loan became unattainable for some couples

The eligibility conditions for the baby loan were significantly tightened in 2024 – while previously the upper age limit for the wife was 40, now the wife must no longer be 30 years old at the time of application. Largely due to this, the proportion of couples who, based on Bankmonitor’s babysitting calculator, do not meet certain eligibility conditions, has increased significantly, by about 10 percent (to 58.3 percent), and therefore cannot take advantage of the opportunity. Because while in January of last year only 2 percent of couples using the program had the wife’s age as a reason for rejection, in January of this year their proportion was already 13.1 percent. Otherwise, the rate would have been almost twice as high (29.3%) without the temporary relief that, with a pregnant wife, the upper age limit at the time of application is still 40 in 2024. (16.2 percent of the couples who did the calculations said that the baby was already on the way at that moment.)

In addition to age proof of appropriate tb legal relationship is still a serious challenge, 28.1 percent of the calculators did not meet this condition at the time of the query. (In January 2023, it was slightly lower, 24.1 percent). it must come from an earning activity. (If on the 180th day prior to the application, there is a foreign legal relationship, then it is sufficient to prove a claim in Hungary for the last 90 days.)

Interestingly, 16.15 percent of couples answered that they are currently they are not married (this was still 20 percent in 2023), but this is hardly a serious obstacle if there is an intention to do so. The high proportion of unmarried people can also be explained by the fact that many people are probably just evaluating their options and planning to move later.

According to Bankmonitor’s experts, easily remedied rejection reasons include: residential address in Hungary lack of it (1.36%), but one existence of public debt (3.63%) is not an obstacle either, as long as it is settled in time. The situation is more difficult for those couples (8.27%) where one of the members it is listed with a negative status in the so-called KHR database. For example, those who are more than 90 days in arrears with their loans reaching the amount of the current minimum wage (HUF 177,400) are placed here. It is not enough for them to settle their debt, after that they remain in a so-called passive status for 1 year, when the vast majority of banks do not lend.

Tightening the eligibility conditions for the baby loan can also make it more difficult for families to get a home loan, because even though it is freely available, the majority still use it for housing purposes, or even as self-reliance for a home loan applied for together with it. According to them, this is also indicated by the fact that about 21.7 percent of those who used the baby-expectation calculator indicated that they would also take out a home loan.

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