Vodafone Romania signs a strategic partnership with Ericsson for the implementation of 5G

Vodafone Romania is creating new opportunities to modernize its current infrastructure and expand its 5G network by appointing Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) as a key 5G RAN (Radio Access Network) partner.

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Vodafone Romania signs a strategic partnership with Ericsson for the implementation of 5G

As part of the six-year agreement, Vodafone Romania will also use Ericsson’s RAN technology to enhance its existing mobile network, meaning Vodafone Romania users will benefit from faster Internet connections, lower latency and a increased network security and reliability.

The partnership is included in Vodafone Romania’s multi-year investment plan for the modernization and development of the network infrastructure and is part of the company’s mission to contribute to the development of the digital society.

Nicolae Vîlceanu, Chief Network Officer, Vodafone Romania, states: “In the perspective of a digital society, building a future-ready, secure and energy-efficient network is crucial. The partnership with Ericsson provides us with the technological foundations in our drive to develop autonomous 5G networks with tremendous impact for residential, business and government customers in terms of network speed and low latency, multitude and variety of usage scenarios. It also helps us improve our existing Radio Access Network (RAN) infrastructure to deliver fast and reliable services to customers in the transition to standalone 5G networks and leverage our potential as an innovative service provider for the digital and sustainable society we envision. we all want The investment is part of our promise to Romania and Romanians: to create a new standard of connection and to invest in the unlimited potential of Romanians and local communities.”

Dragoș Mircea Rebegea, Country Manager, Ericsson Romania, states: “Ericsson is a top supplier for the development of high-performance and energy-efficient 5G networks, and the fact that we have been selected as a key partner in this project marks a new era in the collaboration between Ericsson and Vodafone Romania. We are building a network of the future that will not only offer Vodafone Romania customers superior connectivity, but also an innovation platform that enables the transformation of industries and paves the way to a more connected digital society.”

The 5G RAN products and solutions from the Ericsson radio systems portfolio, including the Ericsson antenna systems, will ensure a quick and easy transition to 5G, which will accelerate the digital transformation of Romanian society.

Ericsson’s 5G RAN portfolio also includes Massive MIMO technology, which enables communications service providers to leverage 5G spectrum in the mid-frequency bands. The latest generation of Ericsson radio and processing equipment (RAN Compute) will also improve the current energy consumption of the Vodafone Romania network, coming with a unique approach to energy optimization.

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