Villa D’Este purchases Harry’s Bar in Cernobbio on Lake Como

Villa d’Este, which celebrated its 150th season in 2022, the iconic 5-star luxury hotel located in Cernobbio, on Lake Como, announces the acquisition of a historic location on the lake and a point of reference for local customers and international: Harry’s Bar in Cernobbio. Born in 1973 as an American Bar, over time, already with the first owner Piero Sacchi, the restaurant became famous for its exquisitely retro atmosphere, for the quality dishes inspired by the Italian and Milanese tradition and for the social gatherings, from Robert de Niro to Bruce Springsteen to George Clooney, from Denzel Washington to Liza Minelli, but also from the economic elite.

Located in the splendid setting of the Cernobbio square, Harry’s Bar boasts a truly special location, with a panoramic view of the lakefront, set in a village that has maintained its charm unchanged over time. In 2009 Harry’s Bar was taken over by three entrepreneurs from Como: Francesco Ugoni, Giuseppe Mantero and Riccardo Marazzi who wanted to keep the secret of its fame: a mix of elegance, hospitality and high-level cuisine. The restaurant has interiors with old fashion furnishings, very warm and welcoming. A family-run environment with attention to every detail.

The menu focuses on typical dishes of Italian gastronomy, quick, but always prepared with care, based on fresh ingredients and, when possible, 0 km. The recipes are inspired by Italian and Milanese tradition, without losing that touch of internationality that in years has allowed Harry’s Bar to become one of the most popular venues in the area. Today the acquisition by Villa d’Este marks an important moment in the history of the restaurant: the intent is to preserve its tradition, concept and offer and continue its successful path by bringing innovation in full respect of the past. The Harry’s Bar team is preparing for the seasonal reopening set for tomorrow, Wednesday 14 February.

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