VIDEO At 100 years old, an Iranian made a jump into the water at the WC Swimming

Taghi Askari proved that for some age is just a number as the 100-year-old Iranian dived at the World Swimming Championships in Doha.

Taghi AskariPhoto: SEBASTIEN BOZON / AFP / Profimedia

At 100 years old, Taghi Askari jumped into the water at the WC Swimming in Doha

For his jump, Askari was symbolically awarded the gold medal.

The Iranian won a silver and a bronze medal at the first edition of the Asian Games in 1951 and never lost his passion for this sport, informs

“I have loved diving since I was a teenager until today. Nothing has changed between 1951 and now, except my performances!” Askari told World Aquatics.

Askari first discovered diving at a pool near his childhood home in Iran, where there were other children.

This sparked his lifelong love of jumping and he went on to win Asian Games medals and national titles.

“When I was competing at the national level, the last championships I participated in were when I was 41 years old. I got a gold medal at the national level and after that I said goodbye to this sport, but at least I won a gold medal” – Taghi Askari.

In the time since Askari started diving, the sport has changed enormously.

“Until the 1974 Tehran Games, Chinese swimmers entered this beautiful sport and started to become more and more numerous, we couldn’t catch them because we stayed at the same level we started at” – Taghi Askari.

The Iranian will be among the competitors at the Masters Aquatics World Championships – a competition organized shortly after the elite world championships, open to participants over the age of 25.

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