Traffic on the A2, closed for a portion, during the night, until February 23. CNAIR announcement

A 4km stretch of the A2 will be closed overnight on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from Monday 12 February until 23 February. The closed part of the road is in the area of ​​the A0-A2 road junction, according to the National Road Infrastructure Administration Company (CNAIR).

Congested car traffic on the A2 highwayPhoto: Inquam Photos / Alexandru Busca

“CNAIR informs traffic participants that road traffic on the A2 highway, Bucharest – Constanța, the sector between km 11+700 – km 15+500, in the area of ​​the A0 – A2 Road Junction, will be closed from 12.02 to 23.02.2024, in on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, between 11:00 p.m. and 04:00 a.m., for the execution of works on the metal deck of the passage over the A2 highway, at km 13 + 330”, announces CNAIR.

How will the traffic flow during the affected period on the A2 highway

Road traffic on the A2 will take place on certain detour routes, as follows:

“During the closure of traffic on the 4 km of the highway, road traffic on the A2, Calea 1, Bucharest-Constanța and Calea 2, Constanța-București, will proceed as follows:

  • Calea 1, Bucharest – Constanța

Blvd. Theodor Pallady – A2 – road junction km 12+000 – Bucharest Ring Road (DNCB) – DN 3, Fundulea – A2 – Constanța.

  • Calea 2, Constanța – Bucharest

A2 – road junction km 15+000 – DJ 301 – Cernica – Bucharest Ring Road (DNCB)”, CNAIR also transmitted.

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