Tractor protest, why farmers take to the streets: the reasons

A permanent technical table to participate in as ‘listeners’. It is the priority that the autonomous Riscatto Agricolo movement, promoter of a national protest with tractors, brings to the attention of the government in these hours with one of its delegations received in these hours at the Ministry of Agriculture. The requests are formulated in a document viewed by Adnkronosdivided into 12 points, ranging from the most ‘hot’ issues such as the exemption from paying Irpef and Imu for direct farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs and the determination of the value of the cost of production, to the revision of the CAP maintenance of fuel concessions.

There is the second point the protection of the sector through measures that prevent the cost of production from increasing and against unfair competition. In this regard, the farmers suggest that there be “bodies responsible for determining the value of the production cost and monitoring unfair practices carried out by large-scale retail trade”. Furthermore, “stringent controls on food products coming from countries that do not respect our own phytosanitary regulations” and “customs duties aimed at compensating for unfair competition from non-EU products”, furthermore, “product traceability along the entire supply chain and new regulations in labeling matter that offers greater transparency to the consumer, in particular regarding products called ‘Made in Italy'” with the hope of adopting a specification for a ‘100% Italian product origin’ brand”.

Following, Riscatto Agricolo calls for a “Reprogramming of the Green Deal” that is, a “revision of the CAP that identifies objectives that can be achieved by agricultural companies in terms of economic sustainability, does not penalize national production and offers a long-term entrepreneurial vision”. Among the requests also the “containment of wildlife” through “more incisive” policies and among other things, I ask, “the State must compensate for the damages quickly and with adequate compensation.

As for fuels to power agricultural vehicles, the document calls for the “maintenance of the current concessions on agricultural fuels in order to reduce production costs and improve the competitiveness of the national agricultural sector. And in fiscal matters the “maintenance of the Irpef exemption Imu for direct farmers and professional agricultural entrepreneurs”.

Among other requests, a “Review of control methods relating to the eligibility of arable land (flag)”. In terms of access to credit, it is requested that it be “facilitated for direct farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs with subsidized interest rates and with a maximum ceiling guaranteed by the State even in the case of a variable rate for the purchase of agricultural capital goods. Access to land loans always at a subsidized rate for the purchase of agricultural land”.

Another ‘hot’ topic is the “elimination of the obligation not to cultivate 4% of the land and any form of contribution aimed at discouraging cultivation”, the “reintroduction of vouchers in agriculture”, the possibility of “regulating vertical and horizontal between breeders and farmers” and finally, the “recognition of sheep and goats in the ecoschema 1 level 2” within the CAP.

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