The world is returning to nuclear power. Everyone except the Germans understood its meaning, says the head of the energy agency

Nuclear energy is experiencing a strong comeback in the world, the head of the International Energy Agency (IEA) Fatih Birol announced on Monday. This is true in France, Asia, North America, the Middle East and elsewhere, Birol said ahead of the association’s ministerial meeting on Tuesday (13/02) in Paris. TASR informs about it based on the report of the DPA agency.

“After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many countries understood the importance of nuclear energy along with renewable sources, domestic electricity production,” Birol said. He chose a critical tone in relation to Germany, which ended the production of nuclear energy last year.

According to him, the German government had a problem-free technology at its disposal, and in its place he would have thought about abandoning it in favor of alternatives that would, on the one hand, increase dependence on other countries and, on the other hand, lead to an increase in emissions. The Belgian government promoted a similar policy before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but then rejected it, Birol noted.

He described the issue of nuclear waste as a big but solvable challenge. “I don’t think this is a reason to simply put technology on the back burner without looking for solutions,” Birol concluded.

USA News Today