The Transylvanian Hungarian Alliance (AMT) announces that it will resubmit the bills regarding the autonomy of the Szeklerland

The Transylvanian Hungarian Alliance (AMT) continues the fight for autonomy both at the level of local administrations and at the decision-making forums in Bucharest and is committed to re-submit the draft laws on the autonomy of the Szeklerland, despite their rejection by the Parliament Romania, the leadership of the Hungarian party declared on Friday in a statement sent to the Hungarian press agency MTI, quotes.

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The Chamber of Deputies rejected on Thursday, with an overwhelming majority, the bills regarding the territorial autonomy of the Szeklerland and the cultural autonomy of the Transylvanian Hungarians, and on Friday the same thing happened in the Senate.

“Things happened with a humiliating speed, through multiple violations of the parliamentary provisions, in an anti-Hungarian atmosphere”, AMT claims in the statement.

According to AMT, “although in international forums, Romania constantly tries to create the appearance that it is a “model state” that has solved the situation of the autochthonous national communities living on its territory and ensured the broad observance of their rights, the reality is completely other”. The Romanian politicians proved this by their rejection votes, as well as by the anti-Hungarian demonstrations, as they are not willing to even have a discussion about self-determination, the press release says.

“Despite what happened, we continue to affirm that our desire for autonomy represents the strongest possible declaration of loyalty to Romania, and self-determination does not threaten the unity of the country, but is intended to ensure the development of our regions and the preservation of the identity of the communities ours”, emphasized the management of AMT.

The leaders of the Alliance claim that based on Article 6 of the Constitution, Romania recognizes and guarantees to persons belonging to national minorities the right to preserve, develop and express their ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious identity, and the legitimate desire of the Transylvanian Hungarians to participate in self-determination of was formulated in accordance with this provision. Granting full autonomy is also necessary for peaceful coexistence and the stability of the country, argues the AMT presidency.

The party emphasizes that the Transylvanian Hungarians’ struggle for self-determination is not unprecedented; in many European countries there are forms of autonomy. In the opinion of the AMT politicians, the rejection votes expressed by the Romanian politicians are a refusal and, in this sense, “it is as if Romania were taken by the hand and led outside Europe”.

According to the press release, there is a need for the widest possible cooperation between the various Hungarian political parties and the support of objectives of national strategic importance, the most important of which is the achievement of self-determination. “There is only one solution to the problems of these times: autonomy,” states the release.

The framework law regulating the autonomy status of the Szeklerland, the cultural autonomy status of the Hungarian national community and the cultural autonomy of the national communities was submitted to the Chamber of Deputies on December 20 by Zoltán Zakariás, the president of the Transylvanian Hungarian Alliance (AMT), József Kulcsár -Terza, the executive president of the Hungarian Civic Force (FCM), who obtained their mandates as deputies on the UDMR list.

The draft law on the autonomy of the Szeklerland was developed in the specialized commission of the Szekler National Council (CNS), and the other two draft laws in those of the Transylvanian Hungarian National Council (CNMT).

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