The Rabla Program Could Be Changed So That Only Cheap Cars Can Be Bought To Stimulate Domestic Car Production

According to the cited source, the Executive is also considering expanding the program to agricultural tractors.

The Rabla program appeared almost 20 years ago and was aimed at removing old cars from the market, and initially it aimed to protect Romanian car manufacturers from the import of old cars from the West without customs duties.

In exchange for scrapping an old car, owners receive a voucher that they can use towards the purchase of a new car.

How much do you get if you scrap an old car?

Over time, the Rabla Program has been modified countless times.

At the moment, the value of a voucher is 7,000 lei for an old scrapped car, and for two you get 10,000 lei in total. For the purchase of a new car, no more than two tickets can be used.

Motorcycles can also be purchased, the bonus being 7,000 lei.

Rabla Plus, for hybrid, electric and hydrogen cars

At the same time, there is also the Rabla Plus program.

For the purchase of a hybrid car, 26,000 lei are received for the scrapping of an old car, while for the scrapping of two cars, 29,000 lei are received, according to .

The amount received increases to 51,000 lei for the purchase of an electric or hydrogen car with the scrapping of an old car and to 54,000 lei for the scrapping of two old cars.

There is a price limit of 75,000 euros for new cars bought in its case.

26,000 lei are received for an electric motorcycle.

The car industry, affected by the turnover tax

In Romania there are two big car manufacturers, Renault and Ford.

Renault owns Dacia Mioveni, while Ford owns a factory in Craiova.

Dacia sells an electric model called Spring, but it is imported from China. Models such as Duster, Sandero, Logan and Jogger are produced at Mioveni.

and recently announced that from 2024 it will also produce an electric version of it in Bănie. Transit Courier and Tourneo Courier models are also produced

The automotive industry recently criticized the 1% tax imposed by the Government on the turnover of companies with sales greater than 50 million euros, according to .

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