The price increases in 2024 also affect lamb meat: How much will a kilogram of Easter cost

According to sheep farmers, lamb prices will be affected this year, around Easter, due to higher prices for food such as corn and fodder, but also due to acute labor shortages.

photo raw meat like lamb

Lamb will be even more expensive in 2024 Photo: Shutterstock

According to the statements of Gheorghe Ursul, a sheep breeder from the village of Iabalcea, the price for lamb meat would reach 20 lei live or over 40 lei for a kilogram of carcass meat.

Last year, animal breeders asked for a price between 15 and 20 lei for a kilogram of lamb meat, if a whole lamb is purchased. In addition, according to the first estimates made in mid-January, animal breeders claimed that this year’s prices would reach between 25 and 30 lei per kilogram.

I have been raising sheep for over 25 years. The calving started around the end of January, in other years earlier, now they are about two to three weeks late. It is a good year, a rich year compared to previous years. On the farm, I have about 160-170 heads including the lambs and this year is good, we are waiting for around one hundred and forty lambs, if everything is fine, if there are no other problems, abortions or things like that normal to happen.

I benefit from subsidies, what can I say, they are sufficient in the sense that I do not have those big subsidies from my origin. I belong to the small ones, at least fifty heads. All the cows are tagged, they are completely fine, with documents, otherwise I wouldn’t even be able to sell anything or make intra-community exchanges with other farmers. In the household, I grow the local Turkana, but I also have some duck. I grow them for pleasure. I also have two or three cows, as well as birds and pigs. It’s more difficult with the labor force, they can’t be found at all, no one wants to come and help us. Most of the time it’s me, 90% of them my mother also helps me with, so only the family can, but this is the problem everywhere, it’s not just me. In general, from everything I hear and am a faithful listener of Radio Resita, but also from what I watch on TV or on the Internet, the workforce problem leaves a lot to be desired in almost all fields of activity“, claims the farmer from Iabalcea, quoted by G4Media.

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