The Minister of Health, about the salary increase in the system: We need an increase to reduce the gaps. That is, we do not give 20% to a doctor who has 15,000 lei and to a nurse who has 4,000 lei we give him 15%

The Minister of Health, Alexandru Rafila, states that “an honest and realistic approach” is necessary for granting salary increases in the health system, but that these increases should be balanced, in order not to widen the gap between employees.

Alexander RafilaPhoto: AGERPRES

Alexandru Rafila stated, on Sunday, on Digi24, that in education the salary increases were more consistent than in the medical field, he believes that the protests of employees in the health sector are justified, reports

“We recently met with those from Sanitas and Solidaritatea Sanităra. There are protests that, from my point of view, are justified. There are large wage discrepancies in health. In education, salary increases were more consistent than in the health system. I am not necessarily referring to doctors and I would not want the whole discussion to refer to doctors, where there are indeed incomes that are among the highest in Romania. Medical assistants have low salaries, TESA staff and auxiliary staff have low salaries. A solution must be found”, said Minister Alexandru Rafila.

He explained that salaries in the medical field have already increased by 5% starting this year and that options are being sought for another increase, by 15%.

“You know very well that all salaries have been increased by 5%, and in addition, they are trying to find another increase of 15%, which will significantly increase the salaries in the health system, but which will not be uniform. That is, we do not give 20% to a doctor who has, say, 15,000 lei and 15% to a medical assistant who has 4,000 lei. That then you do nothing but increase the gap between these categories. We need a balanced increase that reduces the gaps”, said Alexandru Rafila.

The Minister of Health stated that there are other types of demands from the unions and he hopes for an understanding from them.

“Let’s not forget that we are in a situation of economic crisis. Keeping the budget deficit within certain limits imposes certain salary restrictions. But if there is an honest and realistic approach at the same time, then we increase salaries by a percentage, but not as much as to reduce these gaps”, added Rafila.

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