The megaproject of the oil pipeline in Slovakia has been stopped, it will definitely not be built

The Austrian oil company OMV and Slovak Transpetrol have definitively stopped the long-term pipeline project between the cities of Schwechat and Bratislava.

In order to ensure the long-term supply of oil to Austria, OMV planned the construction of an oil pipeline as early as 2003, but now the project has been canceled due to the transition to new energy and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. With reference to the Lower Austrian business press service, the APA agency reported this today.

The original plan envisaged that the 62 kilometer long pipeline would connect Austria directly to the Druzhba pipeline. OMV has a refinery in Schwechat, which is one of the largest in Europe. Now this refinery is supplied by the Adria pipeline, which runs from the Adriatic coast in Croatia, and the TAL pipeline from Trieste, Italy.

Since Austria will no longer import any oil from Russia from February 2023, the new pipeline has become unnecessary, the Austrian Ministry for Climate Protection said. In addition, the OMV company already decided in March 2022 that it would no longer continue with the project.

In the past, the implementation of the project was also delayed by uncertainties regarding the ownership structure of Transpetrol. The former Russian energy group Yukos held a 49 percent stake in Transpetrol for a long time, and Slovakia could take over these shares only in 2009. Moreover, the route of the gas pipeline was controversial in Slovakia, because the gas pipeline would lead through one of Slovakia’s largest drinking water reservoirs.

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