The large industrial structures by which you recognize Romanian cities from a distance. What were they using PHOTOS for

Before 1989, the large industrialized cities of Romania had as their common denominator large structures, which had the role of reducing the volume of pollution for their inhabitants.

The twin towers of CET Bacău are visible from dozens of kilometers PHOTO MA

The twin towers of CET Bacău are visible from dozens of kilometers PHOTO MA

Nowadays, after the bankruptcy of the non-performing heavy industry and most of the operators that supplied heating agent in the centralized system, most of these structures are no longer useful.

For airplane pilots, industrial chimneys can play a role in orientation, especially in foggy and low visibility weather. Moreover, they could become tourist attractions, which would offer great panoramic views if they were properly designed to be visited.

Chimney top

The tallest chimney in Romania is the Phoenix Complex tower in Baia Mare, which measures 351 meters and has a diameter of 20 meters at the base and 9 meters at the top. It was built between 1993 and 1995, and the investment value exceeded 11 million dollars.

The construction was supposed to disperse the harmful gases resulting from industrial activity at high altitudes. However, its role proved minor in reducing pollution, and the city of Baia Mare still ranks among the most polluted cities in Romania.

The second structure, in terms of size, is the 300-meter industrial bin from Halânga (Mehedinți), a town 7 kilometers from Drobeta Turnu Severin. It belongs to Romag Prod, a branch of the Autonomous Directorate for Nuclear Activities, which produces heavy water, superlight water and superheavy water.

In the cities of Brașov, Pitesti, Rovinari and Turceni in the 1980s, 280-meter chimneys were built to reduce pollution. And these, after the bankruptcy of the industrial units, remained only for decoration.

And Bacăul can be recognized from tens of kilometers away, thanks to some large industrial structures. The twin towers at the former CET Bacău, which went bankrupt ten years ago, no longer serve the purpose for which they were created, especially after abandoning the production of thermal energy with the help of lignite. They were built in the 80s and are 230 meters, according to some sources.

Bacaul also has a tower visible from many kilometers away, located on DN2 -E85. It is the television tower from Şerbănești, 148 meters high, 2 meters lower than the television tower from Galaţi.

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