The House of the merchant Vanghele in the Chirigii area, the old customs house of Bucharest, has been resurrected. The jewel with a neo-branque facade and gable, saved with bank credit

​In a historical area remarkable for Bucharest’s past, that of the Chirigii, the old customs house where caravans with valuable goods entered the city accompanied by chirigi (guards) on horseback, the house of the merchant Dumitru Vanghele has been brought back to life.

The facade of the house of the merchant Vanghele Photo: Antoaneta Dohotariu

The building is an architectural monument and is located in a row of merchant houses (constituted in “architecture reservation”), but also of buildings of the former customs from the 19th century, now in ruins.

The residence of the merchant Dumitru Vanghele is located in a special suburb, the old customs house where, from Calea Craiovei, carts with goods entered the city, accompanied by guards/defenders on horseback, the “carriages”.

The “Gura Văii” territory, in which the customs house was located, bordered the estates of the monasteries and the boyars in the city from the surrounding area with vineyards. Two main arteries lead from the city center to today’s Chirigii intersection, Calea Rahovei – the old Cale a Craiovei (from 1550), and George Coșbuc boulevard, the new thoroughfare laid out in 1898 with the name Regina Maria boulevard.

Read on B365.rothe story of an extraordinary building, built in 1915 and brought back to life with a bank loan.

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