The head of CJ Prahova, Iulian Dumitrescu, could find out on Monday if he escapes the judicial control decided in the case in which he is being investigated for bribery

The Bucharest court is expected to rule on Monday regarding the appeal of the president CJ Prahova, Iulian Dumitrescu, against the judicial control decided in the case in which he is being investigated by the DNA for bribery and false statements. By the ordinance issued by the prosecutors, Dumitrescu is also prohibited from exercising the administrative function he holds at the Prahova CJ level. Iulian Dumitrescu’s defender, lawyer Cristian Ene, stated, at the previous deadline, that he submitted several documents to the court that prove the fact that this judicial review is not appropriate for Iulian Dumitrescu, writes

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Iulian Dumitrescu contested, at the Bucharest Court, the measure of judicial control taken by the DNA prosecutors regarding him, the court analyzed his request on Thursday, but the ruling was postponed for February 12.

At Thursday’s deadline, his lawyer, Cristian Ene, declared, upon arriving at the court, that the measure of judicial control was challenged so that the judge could determine if it was justified.

He also referred to the interpretation of the amount invoked by the prosecutors in the case of bribery, stating that the amount refers to a commercial act and that is why the judges must rule.

“The complaint against the judicial control was submitted to clarify whether there is really a need for judicial control for the proper conduct of the criminal investigation. I cited several reasons, which can lead the judge to appreciate that the criminal investigation can be carried out in very good conditions without the need for judicial control. I submitted documents and highlighted several aspects in the case file that really prove that at this moment this judicial control does not appear to be appropriate and well-founded”, lawyer Cristian Ene told journalists.

The DNA placed Iulian Dumitrescu under judicial control, on February 1, in the case in which he is being investigated for bribery and forgery in statements, and his sister and her husband are being prosecuted for complicity in bribery and forgery in documents under private signature, respectively complicity in bribery and false statements.

Through the ordinance issued by the DNA, several prohibitions are imposed on Iulian Dumitrescu, including that of exercising his position as president of the Prahova County Council, in which capacity he would have committed the acts for which the criminal action was initiated against him .

Iulian Dumitrescu, former president of PNL Prahova and former first vice-president of PNL, is suspected that, with the help of his brother-in-law, Daniel Lambrea, he claimed, between November and December 2022, a businessman to purchase in exchange for the sum of 47,500. 000 lei of the shares held by Daniel Lambrea in a commercial company, value overestimated compared to their real value, in connection with the fulfillment of his duties as president of the Prahova County Council (CJ) and would have received, until December 4, 2023, with the help of the 2 accomplices, the total amount of 16,210,000 lei.

One of the businessman’s companies would have had a contract with CJ Prahova at the time of the claim, and after the acquisition of the commercial company from Lambrea, a new works contract would have been assigned to it with the beneficiary CJ Prahova.

President CJ Prahova is also suspected of having omitted to include, in three of the wealth declarations he completed, significant sums of money that would have been spent mainly on trips abroad and luxury goods purchased from outside the country , private high school, tennis lessons, rent in a luxury residential complex.

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