The government decided to implement programs related to the 80th anniversary of the Holocaust in Hungary. Next year it will be 80 years since Hungary was invaded by the German army, and a few days after that Miklós Horthy governor appointed him prime minister Dömét Stójay, whose State Secretary of the Interior issued the confidential decree, according to which “M. out. government will clear the country of Jews in a short period of time,” it reads Remembrance Day for Hungarian Victims of the Holocaust on the government portal created on the occasion.

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the deportation of Hungarian Jews, the Orbán government provides HUF 1,000,600,000 for programs serving a worthy commemoration. Mihály Varga to the Minister of Finance Gergely Gulyás With the involvement of the minister in charge of the Prime Minister’s Office, he must ensure that the money reaches the beneficiary next year.

In a resolution, the government also decided to provide additional resources for the operation of the Palace of Arts. The cabinet ordered the one-time transfer of HUF 505,829,233 with an immediate deadline, and called on the Minister of Finance to ensure “a maximum of HUF 1,128,501,298 in additional funds” from this year’s budget for the operation of the Palace of Arts.