The accountants have been complaining since Friday that they cannot submit the returns. The ANAF website gives them the error: Session ended successfully!

“Session ended successfully”, the error on the ANAF website related to the SPV, has returned since Friday (February 9). The problem was not solved by the Ministry of Finance over the weekend, and this morning it continued, to the despair of the accountants who struggled all these days to submit various statements.

ANAF – FiscalPhoto: Hotnews / Florin Barbuta

Basically, the ANAF website “ejects” them, having the error mentioned above.

At the same time, on its own website, Saga Software writes: “The access code generation service in SPV from ANAF is not working at the moment. There are also problems with the transmission of e-invoices”.

Most likely, this morning the employees of the Ministry of Finance at CNIF are working on solving this problem. It’s not clear why they haven’t done this since Friday, when the issue first arose.

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