Strikes | This week more than 100,000 Finns will go on strike – this is how Finland will close down

Prime minister Petteri Orpon (kok) The political strikes opposing the government’s labor market changes will once again bring society and the economy to a standstill this week.

According to HS’s calculation, this week there are roughly 130,000 Finns on strike, even with a conservative estimate. The calculation is based on the information provided by the trade unions that announced the strike.

Most of the strikes are scheduled for the end of the week. More than 100,000 workers will go on strike in Finland on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. According to the estimate presented by the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) on Monday, the price tag of the strikes this week and after December is already around one billion euros.

HS collected a summary of the most important effects of the strikes.

Monday, February 12 – train services are suspended

The strikes will stop train traffic on Monday due to the strike by the Railway Union (Rau).

Tuesday, February 13 – kindergartens on strike

Tehy, a professional organization in the social, health and education sector, and the Finnish Community Care and Primary Care Association Super are starting a two-day strike in early childhood education in the biggest cities. The Union of Public and Welfare Sectors (JHL) also announced last Friday that it would join the strikes. In practice, public and private day care in large cities is very likely to be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The strike by the railway union still affects train traffic, but long-distance and local train services are being tried to run right from the morning. Individual cancellations in local transport may occur.

Wednesday 14 February – industry stops, stevedores strike, subways and trams stop

Teollisuusliitto and Pro start on Wednesday widespread political strikes in several industries. The work stoppages are for three days.

According to the unions, around 60,000 industrial workers and 7,000 white-collar workers are covered by the general strike. According to the unions’ estimates, the work stoppages stop a large part of Finnish industry.

On Wednesday, local traffic between Helsinki, Tampere and Turku will be largely stopped as a result of the JHL strike. The strike completely stops tram and subway traffic and has a wide impact on bus routes.

The ports are also at a standstill due to the stevedoring strike from Wednesday to Friday in the ACP.

Thursday, February 15 – the strike spreads to the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant

Sähköliitto’s political strike will move from the Loviisa nuclear power plant to TVO’s Olkiluoton nuclear power plant on Thursday.

On Thursday, Pami’s strike in logistics centers will also continue, as well as the strikes of SEL and Pro in the food industry at some workplaces in the food industry. In addition, the general strike of Teollisuusliitto and Pro and the overcrowding strike of AKT continue.

Commuter traffic between Helsinki, Tampere and Turku will mostly stop on Thursday as well. The strike completely stops tram and subway traffic and has a wide impact on bus routes.

Friday, February 16 – the jam continues, hydropower workers on strike

Employees belonging to the Sähköliitto of the Kemijoki, Tornionlaakson Voima and Pohjolan Voima hydropower plants and Fortum’s Oulujoki hydropower plants will go on strike on Friday.

The strikes of stevedores, Pami’s logistics center workers, and members of Teollisuusliitto and Pro continue.

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