Strikes | The train strike affects about a million people

Railway industry union RAU’s strike will affect about a million people, estimates the chairman of the board of RAU Markku Lehtinen.

“Should check. But still less than a million people are affected”, Lehtinen estimates for HS.

RAU will participate in the wave of political strikes called Painava syy on Monday and Tuesday 12-13. February.

RAU members go on strike to protest Petteri Orpon (kok) preparation of the government’s reductions in working life.

“The government deviates strongly from the traditional Finnish culture and way of making agreements. Traditionally, issues concerning the labor market have been negotiated between labor market organizations,” RAU states in the press release.

Ongoing in the change, the endurance of the railway workers will be put to the test, but the employers did not agree to increase the weekly rest for locomotive drivers in the last contract round.

There are approximately 1,600 working people as members of the Railway Union.

However, according to RAU’s Lehtinen’s estimate, only approximately a few hundred employees will have time to participate in the strike, because the work is shift work.

According to Lehtinen’s assessment, individuals from different localities will not participate in the political strike.

of RAU in the press release, Lehtinen states that the employers have considered the price of improving coping too high in recent negotiations.

“The export-led labor market model now included in the government program and the tying of the national conciliator’s hands cause the future collective bargaining negotiations to become purely wage-based. The national mediator will not accept any measures related to improving coping,” said Lehtinen.

Lehtinen tells Helsingin Sanomat that shift work on the railways has seen a lot of additional work and increased efficiency over the past ten years.

At the same time, work shift lists, often made by automatic machines, have made it even more difficult to cope.

“In the worst case, the locomotive driver has had to get used to seven different sleep patterns during the week.”

of RAU the members went on strike in the spring precisely because of the challenging shifts, Lehtinen says.

“Money was no longer the central point of contention, but how to cope at work.”

When new employees no longer have a special retirement age, the general fear of employees is that many of them will not be able to work even close to retirement age, says Lehtinen.

VR GroupFintraffic Raide, Fenniarail and North Rail inform which trains are cancelled.

RAU apologizes for the inconvenience caused to customers.

However, the union does not see an alternative, because they have not agreed to start genuine negotiations.

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