“Strategic relationship with financial intermediaries to reach SMEs”

“The relationship with financial intermediaries is strategic for reaching SMEs. Alone we would not have the ability to reach all small and medium-sized businesses in a widespread manner, not only in Italy but in Europe, so collaboration with banks or financial intermediaries is crucial for us.” This was said by Gelsomina Vigliotti, vice-president of the EIB and president of the EIB, on the sidelines of the press conference organized by Bper Banca and the EIB, on the occasion of which two important agreements were signed to facilitate access to credit for SMEs and Mid Caps under particular conditions of favor, with the aim of stimulating economic cohesion and ecological transition. The two agreements have a total value of 650 million euros and it is estimated that they will trigger investments in the economy of over 1.7 billion euros, of which a third in the Southern regions.

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