Startups, 5 green projects by university students selected by Enactus

An app to promote healthy food consumption, an innovative material, a filter to combat pollution. These are some of the results achieved by five projects for the green transition designed by University studentsprojects selected to meet a pool of investors who transform these ideas into startups and real businesses. This is announced Enactus Italy, an offshoot of the international association supported by 25 universities and which aims to transform the best intuitions of young people around the world into sustainable businesses. The 5 projects from the Italian editions of Enactus now have the opportunity to present themselves to an audience of investors, during the 2024 edition of the national Enactus Italia competition. And alongside the association there is also Wda, a venture building company, co-founded by Roberto Macina and with experience in business acceleration.

Enactus explains that the presentation of the selected companies to investors is on the agenda for next May 16th and 17th, in Rome, when the 5 teams made up of university students will present their projects in front of the jury of entrepreneurs and investors. The jury will award the winner a cash prize to transform the idea into a sustainable start-up that respects the 17 points of the UN Agenda 2030. The 5 selected projects include Aiuko, an app to promote healthy food consumption; BlueZone, a filter to combat pollution from domestic combustion; Givit, a web platform that facilitates the rental of goods and tools by private individuals; Larix, a material made up of waste wood and bioplastic, created with purely mechanical processes, without the use of glues or chemical substances and finally Oyster2Life, a project that transforms oyster waste into a circular and innovative business model.

“After the first year of collaboration with Enactus Italia, we are happy to strengthen our partnership with an international reality, which both like WDA and which we are personally passionate about supporting” highlights Roberto Macina who began his professional journey starting from an idea had during his university studies, which then became a successful start-up. “The program that Wda – Macina continues – offers to Enactus Italia’s projects has the aim of bringing these companies to an even higher level, preparing them to actually enter the market. And our choice is motivated, also by the desire to give back what we have received from university studies, to ambitious young people who are embarking on their own path and want to both innovate and protect the world we live in”.

For the next 4 months, the projects selected by Enactus Italia will be followed by Wda professionals, who will have the task and objective of validating the ideas of the young participants in the contest to transform them into concrete projects attractive to investors. Marta Bertolai, Country Director of Enactus Italia, observes that “this project represents a significant evolution for the Enactus Italia program which expands its functions, from a place of education on the themes of sustainable entrepreneurship and training for the world of work, it also becomes a nest for the increasingly concrete entrepreneurial aspirations of the most determined project teams”.

“Thanks to the skills brought to the field by WDA, at the end of the basic educational path, these projects have a concrete and competitive action plan available to aspire to change the market and society, with innovative and sustainable business models” he adds Bertolai. The project is also one of the many confirmations that if the ecological transition is a topic dear especially to younger people, in Europe the Italian Gen Z is the most aware of the advantages that digital technology can offer to reduce the impact of human activity on the ‘environment. According to the Digital Sustainability Index Tm Young report – Digital sustainability for young people, Italians between the ages of 16 and 24 are in fact 37% more sensitive to the topic than their peers from other countries of the Old Continent.

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