Separated parents bonus 2024, here’s when to submit the application: requirements and how to request it

Bonus for separated, divorced and/or non-cohabiting parents: applications open until March 31st. The measure, aimed at guaranteeing a contribution to separated parents in need who have not received the maintenance allowance due to non-compliance of the other parent (ex-spouse or ex-cohabitant), we read in a note from the INPS, is linked to the reduction in income as a result of the Covid 19 epidemiological emergency.


In particular, the bonus is due to separated parents with an income not exceeding 8,174 euros, who during the Covid-19 emergency period were living with minors or adults with serious disabilities and who, in the same period, saw their children partially reduced or in the entire maintenance allowance due to the cessation, reduction or suspension of the work of the other parent responsible for maintenance which occurred starting from 8 March 2020 for a minimum duration of ninety days. The bonus is also due if the parent responsible for maintenance has suffered a reduction in income of at least 30 percent compared to the income received in 2019.

The question

The application to access the benefit must be submitted to INPS by the parent who has not received all or part of the maintenance payment, after authentication on the Institute’s portal, through the specific service “Contribution for separated or divorced parents to guarantee the continuity of the payment of the maintenance allowance”, available in the section “Access point to non-pension benefits”. The benefit will be paid by INPS following verification of the legal requirements by the Department for Family Policies and subject to availability of the fund which amounts to 10 million euros.

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