Over 30% of Romanians choose to purchase products from “fast fashion” platforms

More than a third of Romanians try to adopt sustainable behaviors when shopping, but a similar proportion choose international fast fashion platforms, mainly from Asia, such as Shein or Temu, as shown by the results of a recently published specialist survey.

photo application Shein fast fashion

A third of Romanians shop on fast-fashion platforms Photo: Shutterstock

Data centralized by the European online fashion platform, Glami, 37% of Romanians stated that they agree with the fast-fashion trend, instead 31% of them avoid making such purchases because of the low quality, while 6% refuses them due to environmental concerns. Also, another 9% of those surveyed are aware of the environmental issues involved, but do not have enough financial resources to make purchases from other places. Finally, almost 17% of the people participating in the survey still don’t know what to think about fast-fashion.

Regarding the sustainability of online stores, this topic is essential for 9% of Romanians. The list of important criteria in choosing stores also includes discounts on favorite brands (44%), quality (38%), free home delivery (29%), information about available sizes and models (27%), the possibility to pay on delivery ( 26%), previous interactions (22%), low prices (22%), fast delivery (21%), customer support (11%) or long free returns (10%).

At the same time, 34% of all those interviewed declared that they try to practice sustainability, but admit that the budget plays a decisive role, and 32% of them prioritize brands “eco-friendly”, in general. At the same time, 18% reduced the number of items purchased, as a related good practice. On the other hand, for 11% of the respondents, sustainability is not a decisive factor.

According to the cited source, almost half of Romanians (48%) mentioned that they would definitely buy more clothing if they had more financial resources, 33% believe that they would probably do the same, 9% have no idea how they would proceed , 8% say they probably wouldn’t buy more and only 2% say they definitely wouldn’t opt ​​for more frequent purchases.

In the segment of international shopping platforms “fast-fashion“, only one in three Romanians says that they have ordered products from such sites, especially those from Asia, such as Shein, Temu or Boohoo. However, 62% of the people surveyed deny this, and approximately 5% “don’t I remember exactly”.

As Romanians’ favorite payment methods, 62% of respondents still choose to pay on delivery, only 22% choose to pay online, while for 16% the decision is influenced by the context.

Fast-fashion is a growing concept in the clothing industry, which is characterized by the quick and cheap production of clothing items inspired by fashion catwalks or by celebrities.

The Glami survey was conducted between January 5-9, 2024 on a sample of 6,054 respondents, among platform visitors, as part of the analysis “Year in Review. Sustainability vs. accessibility”.

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