News from Brussels. For serious traffic violations, the driver behind the wheel can be stopped

Serious traffic offences, such as speeding or drink-driving, could make it impossible for drivers to drive across the European Union. At least that is the plan of the European Parliament.

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The police patrol checks the driver.

Currently, if a driver loses his driving license as a result of an offense in an EU country other than his home country, in most cases the penalty is only applied in the country where the offense was committed. It has no restrictions in the rest of the Union. According to the new rules, the suspension, restriction or revocation of a driver’s license should apply in all EU countries.

MEPs propose to include driving without a valid driver’s license in the list of serious traffic offences, such as drink-driving or fatal traffic accidents, which would lead to the exchange of information on driving bans. Driving 50 kilometers per hour faster than the speed limit is also one of the serious traffic offenses that could lead to disqualification from driving. MPs have set a lower speed limit for residential areas, meaning a driver will lose their license or have it suspended if they drive 30km/h over the speed limit.

At the same time, the European Parliament proposes that the member states of the Union set a deadline of ten working days for informing each other about decisions on driver disqualification and another deadline of 15 working days for deciding whether the ban on driving a motor vehicle will be applied throughout the Union. The affected driver should be informed of the final decision within seven working days. The European Parliament has finished the first reading on this matter, but the final fate of the changes will be decided only in the new composition based on this year’s June elections.

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